Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Theater and School B and Brecht

School B actually posted their upcoming theater season so I can plan my course with that in mind.  Their theater website is hideously out-of-date and a nightmare to navigate, so I got my info from the local paper, but I’m still pleased.

I’m especially pleased that they chose a Bertoldt Brecht play.  I loved Mutter Courage and their doing another of my favorites, Die Kakausiche Kreidekreis. I’m snooty and using German, but it’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle which I got to see in German while I was an undergrad.  If I remember correctly, it was awesome and fascinating.  I hope they chose a good translation.  I’ve been looking at one that W.H. Auden contributed to.  I think poets make good translators.

So here’s my nightly burble.  Hopefully I get some clearer purpose to this blog and actually start talking about bipolar and fibromyalgia and folly all around.



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