Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stupid Day

I’m trying to remind myself today that bad beginnings don’t make bad endings.

But still, my morning sucked, especially compared to yesterday.  Yesterday I set goals, fulfilled them and had a great day.

I’m working on routines and my routine for the morning is supposed to be:

  1. Get up (that's a hard one)
  2. Turn off the alarm
  3. Take pills
  4. Use the bathroom
  5. Go upstairs and eat cereal

After all of that, I can go back to bed, or—the better plan—I can meditate, then stretch, then get through email and internet sundries, then work.

That not happening has really stressed me out today, especially since I lounged around in bed for 2 hours playing with my tablet.  Stupid stupid stupid!  Grow up, Folly!

Well, habits are hard.  But I’ll get there, even if I suck a lot a long the way.



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